Spectator Info

Spectator Information

Spectators are not allowed on the tarmac or runways to cheer on your runner.  We sincerely apologize for this.

FAA regulations and Airport Security rules prohibit this.  While we are running on the Tarmac and Outboard – unused runway, it is possible to access the ACTIVE Runway and this must be prohibited as there may be aircraft taking off, landing or possibly taxiing during the race.

Spectators will be allowed to the gates only.  Specifically the Mile 1 gate towards the golf course, the gate where runners exit the tarmac at approximately mile 2.4 – at the end of hangar 5 and the gate on the runways access point out on the airport parameter road by the new Air Control Tower.

Absolutely No Vehicles are allowed on the Tarmac – Runways – Taxiway.

Cheering on your runner or walker?  Look at the course maps to pick out your best location.  The best viewing spots are:

As the runners come off the Taxiway on Orion – Mile 2.4 – its a 10 min walk down from the start line towards the golf course

At the gate to the new Air Traffic Control Tower by the Blue Dog Daycare – No Vehicles allowed

At the Fitch Ave Crossing by the P2 Orion

At the split of Allagash & Kathadin

Thank You


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