Medical Information

Dear Runner,

Congratulations from all the medical staff for participating in the Race the Runways! We want to discuss the medical support you will find along the course and share some tips for staying healthy during the run and afterward. We are hoping the day will be a safe and enjoyable one for all!

April in Maine is unpredictable. The average temperature is 41 degrees, but it has reached into the 70’s and down to the low 30s. Come prepared, and keep an eye on the weather forecast as the date approaches. Remember that a lightweight synthetic-fabric hat is the easiest way to moderate your temperature, and that layers make it easy to shed or add during the race.

Remember the April Fools Day snowstorm in 2011?  We Do.

There will be hydration stations on the course serving water and Gatorade.  5k Runners will pass it once at mile 2.4.  10k runners will pass a hydration station at 2.4 and mile 4.3.  Half Marathon Runners will pass a water station FIVE times.  Please plan accordingly – wear a hydration pack or belt if you normally require more hydration!!  While it is important to stay hydrated, the dangers of over-hydrating are very real, since it can cause dangerous lowering of your blood salts (hyponatremia) if you drink excessively during the race. Frequent small amounts of fluid are the key, and Gatorade or another sport drink may sometimes be better than water. If you are feeling dizzy, confused, lightheaded, or have severe cramping, go to one of the medical stations along the course or at the finish line for assistance.

A normal-weight individual can burn over 1,500 calories during a half marathon. Be sure to eat a good breakfast the day of the race. Try to consume some calories in the race as well. There will be GU gel’s handed out during the race at mile 4.3, 6, 9.3 & 11.4. These are approximate distances.  There will be plenty of post-race food available at the finish line.

We will have EMS on hand should a medical emergency occur. Running a road race is a potentially hazardous activity. You should not enter and run unless you are medically able and properly trained.  NEMHS will have an ambulance stationed at the finish line and there will be volunteers on bikes on the course. If you need medical assistance during the race – please flag down a volunteer or biker. 

We welcome you to Brunswick.  Have a fantastic race!


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