Gear Check – First Aid – Changing Rooms & Showers

Gear Check

There is no official gear check.  Your vehicle will be parked just a few hundred feet from the field house and finish/start lines and easily accessible right up to the start.  You will have easy access.  There is also ample space in the Field House, you may leave a bag there – at your own risk please.  Please lock your valuables in your car – out of sight.

Medical Information – Brunswick Rescue – First Aid  

There will be race volunteers out on the course on bikes.  Should you need assistance, flag one down.  Traffic volunteers on the course and at the water stops can also help.  The MerryMeeting Amature Radio Club will have tents set up.  They are available for assistance.

NEMHS will be at the finish line, ready to respond to a runner on the courses or to render assistance at the finish line if necessary.

Please Note:  Only properly trained  and medically able individuals should be participating.  Check with your physician before engaging in any vigorous activity if you have any doubt as to your fitness ability.

Out on the tarmac there are aircraft tie downs built into the ground.  Please Be Alert that they are there and avoid stepping on them.  Runner safety is paramount.

Changing Rooms

Changing room, showers  & lockers  are available in the Brunswick Parks & Recreation Field House.


Showers are also available in the Field House.    Bring a towel – we are unable to provide – Thank You

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